Google Car

Have you ever seen the streets view in Google maps? It looks like this..

To get the shots little cars drive around the neighborhoods – One was in my neighborhood yesterday

So I followed it to get into as many streets-view pictures as possible… but it wasn’t easy. The google car driving teenager screamed through the neighborhoods with music blaring… I caught him going slow on video (click on “more” under the picture for a video)

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Jamie had this idea to rip out the dirty carpet, scrape out the dated linoleum and coat whatever we find below with a thick layer of protection. Here is what it looks like now!

This will be her studio to make art and stuff.

My wife is amazing!

Look for a sign…

Four months of the year, our money is taken and put into a huge pool which we collectively use to buy things we couldn’t afford on our own. Things like firetrucks and parks and wars and such. Here in the desert, we decided to manufacture hundreds of oasis-like parks and scattered them across the city.

Keep in mind… if you come to a park that looks like this:

You should look for a sign…

These parks are scenery for homeowners. They are vacant life size models of better places around the world. The homeowners have a private army looking for anything not perfectly trimmed and beautiful.

That includes vagrants like myself who play amplified music while feeding the ducks.

My friend Carleton

Hey… Carleton. What are you doing there?

Hey… hey Carleton. Over here…

No no – don’t go to sleep. Aw man.

So we took a little nap.

Carleton always wants to sleep. Or chase birds.


My normal office, I call “work.” First, you walk in…

Through sales and marketing and service…

To a secret place… Naturally lit and darker…

Office 1

This is office #1.

I usually go in to this building for meetings.

Office 31

In my house there is an even darker office with a long screen and a little TV.

Office 231

But for fresh air and light I go to the offices scattered across this city.

This is where I met Carleton.

All around there is manufactured beauty and color but no people…

Office 19

This office is as yellow as these pictures look. Somehow the materials used in the concrete makes the world look old and desolate. This office is very hard to find… hidden away deep in a labyrinth of identical houses.

Nobody is -ever- there.